About Us

Our Story

Stormify was founded in 2016 by six successful business owners who were united in their bid to support the independent sector. They each had experience working in independent businesses – three of whom still do – and therefore understood that it takes blood, sweat and tears to run an independent business, let alone a successful one. It therefore became their mission to put together something that would help other businessmen and women achieve their goals and smash their targets!

The Hub was created and today comprises of an online portal which focuses on six key areas of business. Each area features an exclusive piece of software, all of which have been developed using experience, tried and tested methods and good practice as benchmarks; our founders didn’t want Stormify members to make the same mistakes they had made in the past.

Stormify works in collaboration with business support groups to add value to their memberships. The tools we provide are supported by a team of independent coaches who help our members to use the tools and the information provided to improve their businesses across the board.