Here at Stormify we work exclusively with SightCare and offer a number of membership programmes so that you can find the one that suits you best. 


All of the SightCare membership packages guarantee the same level of commitment and support.

Our Membership Plans

  • Annual Business Review

  • Annual coaching call

  • SightCare membership


  • Annual Business review

  • Annual Coaching Call

  • SightCare membership

  • Facilitated Peer Group Membership

  • Stormify Winning Team Vault

  • Communication Basecamp Tool

Premium Lite

  • Annual Business Review

  • Monthly coaching call

  • Quarterly Peer Group Face to Face meetings

  • Quarterly online Leadership Development Workshops

  • Quarterly accountability zoom sessions

  • Quarterly mystery shopping report

  • Basecamp team communication tool

  • Stormify Winning Team Vault

  • Automated GroHawk Customer feedback software

  • SightCare membership


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