Transform in 12

Transform your business

When it comes to your business, you may not have just one aspect that could do with a little extra TLC. In fact, it may be a number of areas that need to be focused on. That’s where the Transform in 12 (Ti12) programme can help.

This offering is not to be taken lightly. Just as intensive as our RR90 (Rapid Response in 90 days) programmes, Ti12 is spread out over the course of 12 months. It is designed to help practice owners who are committed to making changes in their business, in order to see results.

Following a bespoke structured plan, you will be provided with unique access to a number of industry experts, allowing you to closely focus on one aspect of your business at a time, all whilst being supported every step of the way.

Please note: The Ti12 programme is based on an ‘invite only’ structure. Therefore, if you are interested, please let us know below, and we will get back to you shortly.

Transform in 12

What Makes Us Different?

The reason transform in 12 is so successful for so many business owners is because here at STORM, we appreciate that every practice is a snowflake. It's for that reason we offer a completely bespoke approach, focussing on the elements of the STORM wheel that are best suited to you, and helping your practice grow!

Broken into 90 day cycles, we create tailored plans to ensure that your practice is getting the perfect balance of support in line with your own business demands. The programme develops your practice's needs at each stage throughout your journey and when you combine this level of bespoke support with our proven training resources, you CAN'T fail and you WILL achieve an amazing transformation.

Welcome Call

One of our STORM Experts will give you an initial call just to outline the program in more detail, establish some facts and explain the next steps.


You will be sent a detailed questionnaire to complete. This will give us a clear picture of where your business is today, the strengths, the opportunities and where you want to take it. Once submitted we’ll crack on with getting your tailored plan created.


We will spend time at the practice to really get under the skin of the business collating all information needed to ensure that the action plan is realistic, achievable and expertly crafted for success.

Tailored to You

Our support team will assess all the information and create your tailored Transform in 24 plan. Practice demographics, current pricing and existing processes all get taken into account to produce the perfect plan for you.

Receive your Plan

After 14 days we will be ready to sit down with you to share the master plan. At the end of this stage you will have a clear understanding of what we will set out to achieve and how. Now your journey to Transformation really begins.

Team Engagement & Training

As part of the plan, we get the team involved so that they are part and parcel of the transformation. Your STORM expert will take you through the carefully planned engagement and training process to ensure everyone is on the journey together.

Results & Feedback

Once you have completed the first 90 day cycle, we will sit down to review all your results and feedback on what you achieved. You will now start getting a real picture of your progress.

Sustain & Optimise

You are now well and truly on the way to real momentum to achieve the business you have always dreamt of.

New Cycles

Every 90 days you will be presented with the next cycle of your program. Any questions at any time? Remember our team of support heroes are always on hand.

Transform in 12


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Comprehensive 360 degree bespoke practice programme – 12 month transformation action plan

Full practice health check and audit from one of the STORM Gurus

Personalised 12 month practice action plan

A dedicated STORM Guru

A dedicated STORM Coach

Invitations to attend all STORM Live masterclasses

An invite to the STORM Annual retreat

A STORM Coach visit to your practice 1 x day per month

Monthly online meetings with your STORM Guru via Go To Meeting

Weekly 1 hour status update appointments online (via Go To Meeting) with your STORM Coach

Unlimited telephone support from STORM HQ (fair usage policy applies)

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