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Rapid Response 90 day programmes

STORM's RR90 programmes bring practitioners together with leading experts, so that you and your team are equipped with the skills, tools and thought leadership required to rapidly grow and optimise your business within this highly competitive sector.

The combined experience and success of the STORM team - across all aspects of the market - has been distilled into easy-to- use programmes that allow you to transform the performance of your practice in key areas.


Progress Plan

When you embark upon one of our RR90 programmes you will be sent a 90 day progress plan which you can work through with your STORM expert. The plan will include a combination of best practice, guidance, the relevant section of the STORM hub and a timeline to ensure that you work through each bespoke plan in a manageable and systematic order.



STORM RR90 programmes are by application only. When you sign up to RR90 you will get access to our team of renowned industry experts, all of whom specialise in different key areas, who will be on hand to answer all of your questions throughout your journey. This will ensure you stay on track and feel motivated at all times.

“We've been in practice for a number of years now and it’s made us question aspects of our business we'd never thought of before. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the programme to all independent practices, no matter how successful they are.”

Brian & Nicky Tompkins | TK&S Optometrists | Northampton


What you will be getting

Our 90 day Rapid Response (RR90) programmes are intensive and designed for the practice owners looking to make rapid yet lasting change in specific areas of their business. If that’s you, simply register your interest for the necessary programme below and we’ll be in touch.

As well as a personalised consultancy via a member of the STORM team visiting your practice once a month, the RR90 programmes also provide the following customised benefits:

Financial Success


This intensive program is for business owners who want to better manage their cashflow, increase profitability or to build a more secure and valuable practice ready for their retirement.

You will be given the skills & tools to better understand and manage your finances each month, how to make best use of the STORM Performance Tracker, and how to act on your monthly reports to best effect. Having up to date visibility of your financial figures means you will have a more practical understanding of your current and on-going financial position. In essence, you will be able to manage cashflow better and secure your future.

Because financial success is one of the biggest sources of stress for business owners, and such a critical factor in your practice’s survival and growth, you will have the support of a STORM Guru to help you plan and use the tools. This will help you achieve your specific goals, remove much of the stress, and train you to manage your finances after the 90 day rapid response period is over.


Personalised financial success program - 90 day intensive action plan

Your practice Branding

Monthly financial Reporting

Financial health check

SWOT analysis of the previous 3 years

Bespoke financial modelling for your business with areas of improvement highlighted

Performance Tracker, from Jan 2017, subject to waiting list

Personalised performance Tracker

The 'Done With You' team in your practice 1 day per month

Fortnightly 30 minute 'status update' appointment - Skype

Unlimited phone support from STORM HQ

Customer Loyalty


Wouldn’t it be great if your best and favourite patients brought even more referrals to you? And when things haven’t quite gone to plan, wouldn’t it be good if you had an early warning system so that you could address the issue before the patient drifts off to the competition?

This 90 day programme will help you get regular, ongoing and honest feedback from your patients, and implement a plan to act on the results. By truly understanding what your clients think, you will be able to positively influence the things that are of importance to them and create real loyalty to your practice. This programme will help you turn happy patients into ‘raving fans’, generate more testimonials and intervene potential issues.

With a STORM Guru practice visit each month we will help you set up an automated system so that you will be able to celebrate all that is good, and improve the not so good, without having to spend hours of your precious time on paperwork.


Personalised practice customer loyalty programme – 90 day intensive action plan

Monthly Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer experience reporting

2 x mystery shop reports – month 1 and month 3

Full set up of ‘voice of the customer’ portal

Amplify positive testimonial system

Refer a friend programme set up (fair usage policy applies)

A STORM Guru visit to your practice 1 x day per month

Fortnightly 30 minute ‘status update’ appointments online via Go To Meeting

Unlimited telephone support from STORM HQ (fair usage policy applies)

Marketing Magic


A great marketing plan will help you get new patients through the door as well as get the most from your existing patient base. Your patients see and hear a stream of messages from your bigger competitors, so make sure they hear compelling messages from you as well.

This 90 day programme gives you access to marketing services that would normally be beyond the reach of the average independent budget. Your STORM Guru will help you develop a 12 month marketing plan, giving you the confidence to continue building year-after-year using the STORM templates and in-store materials available to you.

With an expert by your side we will make sure your marketing, including PR, social media and recall system, works for your practice strengths, interests and personality.


Personalised practice ‘online and offline’ marketing programme – 90 day intensive action plan

Your practice branding

Set up of marketing planner and provision of related assets

Full website audit and action plan

Full social media audit and action plan

Local online competitor analysis

Google 360 tour and embed online

Revamp of practice photography and marketing material for future use

Unlimited access to PR team (fair usage policy applies)

Full digital marketing plan

A STORM Guru visit to your practice 1 x day per month

Fortnightly 30 minute ‘status update’ appointments online via Go To Meeting

Unlimited telephone support from STORM HQ (fair usage policy applies)

Winning Team


Your team is the lifeblood of your practice, yet we often hear business owners cite this as one of their biggest challenges. This RR90 programme will therefore give you the expertise and support required to get the best out of your people and put in place the systems to ensure you have a high performing team.

We will also review and reform your HR processes such as personality mapping, appraisals, roles and responsibilities, job descriptions, incentive plans and more.


Personalised team development programme – 90 day intensive action plan

1 day management team workshop – business objective setting

Full HR documentation audit and action plan

People planning assessment and action plan

Objectives deployment action plan

Process and management guidance

A HR consultant in your practice 1 day per month

Fortnightly 30 minute ‘status update’ appointment with your HR consultant, via telephone

Unlimited telephone support from HR (fair usage policy applies: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm)

Get The Edge


How can you truly stand out from the crowd when most practices ‘say’ they offer comprehensive eye tests, a range of quality frames and pride themselves on their customer service?

This program starts with a full analysis of your practice demographic.This means you will get a clear picture of any untapped potential specific to your catchment area - for example, are you stocking the right products and pricing them intelligently? Are you missing profit simply because your pricing is not as good as it could be? How can you attract more patients who would value your service and expertise? What additional services could you be providing to increase your catchment area and grow your practice?

And if you decide to offer a specialist service, your STORM Guru will support your implementation and show you how to use it as a marketing tool to attract new patients too.


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