About us

The STORM Story

When it comes to STORM, whether you opt for standard STORM client membership, embark upon an RR90 programme or the Ti12 package, you can rest assured you’re in the very best hands.

All six of the STORM founders have experience working in independent practice, with three of them continuing to own or work in practice today. It'll therefore come as no surprise that between them, the team has put blood, sweat and tears into the offerings available to you based on past experiences, tried and tested methods and good practise.

Given their significant and ongoing experience working within both multiple and independent sectors, our Gurus recognise one significant element consistent with the majority of Independent Practitioners: they are all passionate about providing exceptional levels of clinical care to all their patients.

To succeed in this sector however, owners with business aspirations must afford themselves the time and opportunity to develop the commercial knowledge and experience essential to balance their clinical excellence with commercial success.

For Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians entering joint venture or franchise arrangements with the multiple groups, they are provided with comprehensive back office systems and significant support. Furthermore, in recent years new types of groups have appeared, offering a hybrid model in which centralised support is coupled with, from the consumer’s perspective, an independent ‘front end’.

But for Practitioners intent upon remaining fully and autonomously independent, support, guidance and inspiration is hard to find. Several Consultancies exist within the UK optical market, but these tend to focus upon a very narrow area of support – that of marketing.

In carefully choosing how we built and developed STORM, our objective has been to share our experience with proven strategies, processes and tools that cover all elements required to successfully run an independent optical practice.